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Bar Reinstatements

Attorneys seeking reinstatement to the State Bar of Arizona after long term suspensions face unique challenges in proving that they should, once again, be permitted to practice law. An applicant for reinstatement after a long-term suspension or disbarment must prove not only fitness to practice, but also “rehabilitation”. The Supreme Court has held that in order to be reinstated, and applicant must show by clear and convincing evidence that they have

  1. identified the circumstances that caused the misconduct, and
  2. overcome those circumstances, such that they no longer exist.

Our experienced attorneys have each been practicing law for more than 30 years, including more than 50 plus years combined experience in discipline and ethics issues. Since 1995, our practice has been focused primarily on legal ethics. We've helped hundreds of lawyers with State Bar matters. We’d like to help you too.

We will help you gather the appropriate evidence and information to put you on the best possible footing to recover your license. We will make sure you are working with appropriate professionals to help you address the Court’s concerns. As the Court has stated:

Although we do not require professional treatment and testimony to gain readmission, we recognize that, in many instances, a counselor can assist an individual in understanding the reasons for his ethical violations and can help the person acquire tools needed to prevent future misconduct. An applicant who fails to present evidence that he has obtained such assistance must carry his burden by presenting some other basis to justify a finding of rehabilitation.

In re Arrotta, 208 Ariz. 509 at ¶22.

The reinstatement process has strict timelines, and if your application is denied, you can be barred from reapplying for a significant period of time. We will help you make sure you have the evidence you need to support your application—before you file it.

You worked hard to earn your law degree and license to practice law. Let us help you try to get it back.

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