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Professional Challenges


Being sanctioned by a court does not necessarily mean you will face disciplinary charges from the State Bar.  But sometimes, it does.  We can be an impartial interface between you, the court, and adversarial third parties. 

Our experienced lawyers can help diffuse tensions, and take steps necessary to make sure that a bad situation does not become worse.  Contact us when you know that court-ordered sanctions may be imposed.


There is no automatic discipline involved in being held in contempt of court.  But experienced defense counsel can help you avoid discipline if possible, or minimize the level of discipline if unavoidable. Our goal is to help you avoid a finding of contempt. If your relationship with the court has put you in jeopardy of a contempt citation, you may not be in the best position to explain yourself to the judge.  Our attorneys will represent with eye toward possible State Bar ramifications down the road. 

Criminal Prosecution

Effective January 1, 2009, the Supreme Court of Arizona has, for the first time, adopted a rule requiring that lawyers self-report misconduct—namely, certain criminal convictions.  Any lawyer convicted of a misdemeanor involving a “serious crime” or any felony must self report to the State Bar within 20 days after entry of the conviction judgment. 

The rules define a “serious crime” as any crime, a necessary element of which, as determined by the statutory or common law definition of such crime, involves interference with the administration of justice, false swearing, misrepresentation, fraud, willful extortion, misappropriation, theft or moral turpitude.  Failure to report is a separate offense.

If you are convicted of any crime, you may face disciplinary charges.  We encourage any lawyer facing the possibility of criminal charges to hire an experience discipline defense counsel right away.  At Adams & Clark, PC our attorneys are the only bar discipline defense counsel with experience as former criminal defense counsel.

We can help you or your criminal lawyer with plea bargaining advice that can dramatically affect the outcome of your post-conviction State Bar case. Often times, court findings are not binding on the State Bar.  Contact our experienced attorneys, who know the legal principles involved. We will make sure you obtain the best results possible in a difficult situation.

Duties to Third Parties

Attorneys often have fiduciary duties to third persons, including prospective clients, opposing parties, witnesses, or heirs/beneficiaries of parties you represent.  Our experienced lawyers will advise you on the nature and extent of these obligations.

Alcohol, Drugs, Health and Stress-Related Issues

The State Bar estimates that 40% of lawyers nationwide suffer from depression and burnout. At least 25% suffer from alcoholism or some form of addiction. Recent studies indicate that lawyers are four times more susceptible to depression than any other profession, and one-third of the lawyers polled indicate that their job had a negative effect on physical and emotional functioning.

If you need help, or know someone who does, contact the State Bar’s Member Assistance Program; it’s a confidential service designed to assist before formal disciplinary measures are initiated.

Member Assistance Office


Member Assistance Director (Hal Nevitt) 

602-885-4533 (cell)

Member Assistance 24 Hour Crisis Line


And if you have a pending discipline charge, our attorneys will make sure you get in touch with the appropriate professionals who will get you the help you need.  Not only will this help you now, it will also provide you with invaluable mitigation in any potential discipline case down the road. 

If you need professional assistance in connection with a State Bar of Arizona disciplinary proceeding, please contact us for a free consultation.