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Expert Witness

When an attorney’s conduct is challenged, there is a potential need for expert testimony or consultation.  At Adams & Clark, PC our lawyers provide consultations and serve as expert witnesses in cases where the rights, duties, and obligations of an attorney are in dispute.  We consult and testify for either plaintiffs or defendants concerning claims of lawyer malpractice,  attorney misconduct, or motions to disqualify counsel. If your claim or defense will benefit from solid expert opinion on professional rules compliance or ethical issues, contact Adams & Clark, PC.

Our lawyers have over 25 years experience in professional ethics issues. Our lawyers have concentrated on defense of attorney discipline charges, advising applicants for admission and  advising attorneys and law firms about preventing ethics violations and resolving ethical questions.

As expert witnesses, our lawyers can offer opinion testimony about the application of rules, statutes, and standards of legal practice in cases implicating issues such as:

  • State Bar investigation and prosecution
  • Attorney malpractice
  • Fee dispute or collection cases
  • Adequacy of an attorney's investigation of the facts or the law
  • Statute of limitations, waiver of claim, or deadline problems allegedly resulting in prejudice to the client
  • Client communication problems
  • Conflicts of interest or attorney disqualification issues
  • Sanctions motions under Rule 11 or other applicable rules or statutes
Whether the issue involves tort, contract, statutory claims or professional misconduct, our lawyers can analyze the attorney's performance in light of the applicable rules of professional conduct and present and defend a sound and persuasive expert opinion. For additional information about how we can be of service to you, contact Adams & Clark, PC.