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Bar Admissions

The Supreme Court’s Character and Fitness Committee has final authority to recommend whether an applicant is admitted to practice of law in Arizona.  Applicants must pass a detailed background investigation and submit a lengthy character report. 

Relevant areas of inquiry include:

  • past crimes, including juvenile offenses, felonies and even some misdemeanors;
  • unlawful conduct that did NOT result in a conviction;
  • academic misconduct;
  • false statements, including those made by omission;
  • misconduct in employment;
  • acts involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;
  • abuse of legal process;
  • neglect of financial responsibilities, including unsatisfied judgments and debt;
  • professional misconduct in other employment or other licensed professions;
  • mental or emotional instability;
  • substance abuse;
  • bar admission problems in other states; and
  • disciplinary complaints or sanctions by any other professional licensing authority.

Applicants have the burden of proving good moral character by clear and convincing evidence.  If the Character and Fitness Committee encounters a serious allegation of conduct in a specified area, then the matter proceeds to an informal or formal hearing.

Our attorneys can help you prepare your application in a way that will avoid problems down the road.  We have experienced consultants who have been involved in the admissions arena for decades; we'll make sure your application is the best that it can be.  Our experience in representing applicants in the admissions process will give you an advantage at the informal hearing, where many issues can often be resolved in your favor.  If needed, we can represent you in your formal hearing.